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Cameo Auro® Spot Z300 - Led Spot Moving Head
Cameo Auro® Spot Z300 - Led Spot Moving Head

With fantastic gobo projections, morphing and mid-air effects, the Cameo AURO® SPOT Z 300 is made for impressive lighting design. Compact yet fully featured, the RDM-enabled spot moving head offers both a 540° and 630° pan and a 270° tilt with 16-bit resolution and automated position correction. The 10° to 25° zoom range facilitates both short- and long-range projections, which remain pin sharp at all times thanks to the motorised focus. The AURO® SPOT Z 300 is fitted with an extremely bright 200-watt cold-white LED. It is flicker-free and distinguishes itself with incredibly even light dispersion without any hotspots. A continuously adjustable colour wheel with eight brilliant colours, two prisms, two gobo wheels, six indexable and rotating exchangeable gobos and six fixed gobos means that the moving head is ideally equipped for exciting, professional performances. The AURO® SPOT Z 300 can be controlled via DMX or be automated. Featuring freely programmable macros, it can be used as a standalone or operated in master/slave mode. DMMX functions include rapid strobe, gobo shake and smooth dimming. Cooling and silent operation are provided by a temperature-controlled fan in robust housing made with ABS and metal. 3- and 5-pin DMX connections and powerCON-compatible power sockets permit convenient daisy chaining, while the battery-powered 6-button display allows power-independent configuration. The AURO® SPOT Z 300 comes with a power cable and two Omega brackets.

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